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by Louise McDonnell (2Market - Digital Marketing Agency)

So….Did that week just happen?…

It started on Friday evening…. the lines of traffic into Enniscrone from every approach road.  There was a line of traffic from Ballina to Enniscrone from 7pm onwards as people made their way to catch a first glimpse of a Boeing767 sailing into Killala Bay. 


Friday was a beautiful day.  Blue skies, light winds and sunshine.   There were cars and camper vans from all over Ireland and every bed in the village was booked out.  The atmosphere was electric with an air of excitement and anticipation…. Was this really about to happen? 



Most people made their way to the pier walk where there was a clear view of the Boeing767 sitting on a barge being pulled by the MTS Statum Tug boat. 


Such was the crowd that there was a traffic jam in the village until after midnight. 


Word filtered out that the plane wouldn’t be landing on Saturday morning.  There was a big swell in the bay and the wind was coming from the wrong direction. 



And still they came.  Thousands of people coming and going throughout the day. 


The TodayFM broadcast was amazing.  Anton Savage and his team installed themselves in the Lifeguards Tower  to the delight of the crowd that had assembled on the beach.  There was music, fun, updates from David and the “She’s a big Yoke” T-shirts! 


Anton gave David a platform to get this story out.... His listeners from all over Ireland traveled to Enniscrone to be a part of the story.   The profile in the media also meant that the story was picked up my the media worldwide...


 Listen to the entire story here:


Saturday afternoon was wet and cold. 


They started pulling the barge to shore shortly after 3pm.  It didn’t take word long to filter through to eager spectators who made their way to the beach, promenade, caravan park and anywhere they could,  to see this once in a lifetime spectacle. 

It took 3 hours, 3 diggers, 2km of rope and nerves of steel to drag the 430 tonne barge carrying a 50 tonne Boeing 767 to shore.


The weather never let up.  By 9pm most families with children had abandoned the beach and had returned home to watch progress of the move live on SmashteckTV.  100,000 people tuned in over the weekend such was the interest at home and abroad.

Back on the beach, a road was built to allow the crane to lift the plane onto to a truck.   It was 1.30am by the time the crane swung into action.  By this time, the crowds had started to build even more.  In the quiet and the dark thousands of people stood in amazement. 


Shortly after 3am on the morning of the 8th of May a Boeing767 slowly started to make its way from Enniscrone Beach to the site of the Quirky Glamping Village. 


David and Anton led the way and a procession of astounded people followed.   He had done it!  Months of planning, persuading, insisting, driving had paid off. 


Sunday turned out to be a beautiful warm day.    And still the people came….lines of traffic made their way to David’s Glamping Site.  The first coach load even pulled up!  It felt like a festival.  People snapping photos,  chatting to each other and gazing in amazement at this really “big yoke”. 


Enniscrone had a new skyline and it felt like everyone in the world was paying attention. 

Enniscrone made the news nationally and internationally.  

Sky News




Reuters International


Daily Mail


Straits Times Singapore



UPI (United Press Intentional)


The Metro UK


AOL Travel UK



RTE News


The Irish Times



Irish Independent


The Journal.ie




The Sun


Irish Mirror



The Clare Champion


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Donegal Now



Something tells me it’s only the start…


















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By Aoife Gordon

Please have your boarding pass and identification ready for boarding!

All roads, tracks and runways lead to Enniscrone……or at least they will come the 7th of May. The countdown is on….excitement and anticipation is at fever pitch!

When the Boeing 767 sails into Kilalla Bay on Thursday morning, this will surely be a first,   every vantage point will be precious, from the walkway down Carrowhubbock to the dunes of the Valley of Diamonds – all eyes will focus on this historic event on the Balawaddy River.

Our little gem that is Enniscrone is finally been unveiled to the world  due to the phenomenal interest of both national and international media in the ‘Quirky Nights Glamping Village’, brought to us by local man David McGowan.

Some say he’s mad, others call him a “legend”, but we are delighted that he has invested so much time, energy and resources to confound his doubters and put our small town of Enniscrone on the map by bringing this unique project to our shore!

It has been the topic of conversation at every breakfast and dinner table from Sligo to Sydney. Everyone in Enniscrone is Boeing mad!!
So if you have been following the journey (who hasn’t?) and want to witness this once in a life time event, then Enniscrone is your destination on Saturday 7th of May.  Follow the journey on our Facebook  & Twitter pages.  #767Enniscrone #PlaneSailing



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